QSL Info de DK8FD and HB9EXW (Swiss Call is not longer active)

Normally every QSO will be automatically confirmed with a QSL card, mostly via DARC bureau.

But please understand, that due to some lack of time (QRL is first), this can take "a few weeks longer".

QSL via Buro is always welcome, save your money and use it for an own nice printed card. (I am still not interested in e-qsl and will not confirm e-qsl)

QSL via direct - please be aware, that german postal is expensive.

Direct QSL's are kindly requested to attach 2 USD and a SAE. IRC/CRI made to many trouble in the past (some SAE didn't arrive etc.), therefore I will not accept IRC any longer.

(please be aware, that in the past some QSL-cards with IRC did not arrive at the QSO-partner - so it's on your own risk if you do send IRC instead of 2 USD)


QSL card from last DXpedition - which is some years ago, as you can see... :-)


Some general information:

born in 1967

got first TVI and BCI from DL5FS (Ludwig) around

spent most of my leisure time at his station as SWL, got around
1980 or 1981 my first hf-receiver (hallicrafters SX-111) with a about 30m cooper-wire 10m above ground and learned CW, used it as 2nd OP at Fielddays etc.

got licence in April
1984 as DK8FD (during that time one of the youngest OM 's in DL)

first station was a Yaesu FT 101 Z and a Fritzel GPA 30 as well as a dipole

got first
100 countries mid of 1984 and got member of HSC in Summer 1984

main station is still at my "old parents house" (1.QTH), at our own house (2.QTH) it's a small station

I was active with own small DXpeditions mostly with 100 watt and dipole or vertical ( 90 % in CW) until 2013, now the QRL keeps me more and more busy ;-)

 Some people told me during my school & study time, that after such a nice time I wouldn't have enough time for our fantastic hobby - I said no, I will ever have time...but I got older and learned and got realistic... :-)

last years due to "QRL" rather a non-active OP - sometimes a bit of CW and PSK

...but the good times will come back...

Member of
BCC (Bavarian-Contest-Club)
HSC (Radio Telegraphy High Speed Club 1951)

more details at qrz.com

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